Cornelius, North Carolina, United States
Project 4titude

Keep Pushing 4ward with Project 4titude

Our Story/Our Reason/Our Passion

Why Project 4titude

The year 2017 was one filled with CANCER, tragic life-shaping experiences, surgeries, love, laughter, coping and TRIUMPH......

Our family has often been known as the "would y'all just catch a break" family, and last year was certainly not an exception to this. 

Maggie and I have always had a life-long dream to help others and do something that is much larger than ourselves. After Maggie's diagnosis with Carcinoid Cancer (a rare form of nuero-endocrine cancer) this year we realized that life is far too short and that we want to help others who have been where we were or even worse....We have seen what Care, Support, and the right Attitude can do when life throws challenges your way.

This year, I was truly inspired. I watched the woman that I love, my best friend, the rock of our family, and the super-natural mother to our children suffer, I mean truly suffer.....I watched our lives stop on a dime not once, or twice, but three times this year, I watched our family try to cope and reshape, and the most AMAZING thing I watched.......was her Courage, Resilience, Strength, and her ability to Keep Pushing 4ward....My wife, Maggie, did not falter when life threw us some challenges this year.... she continued to be an amazing mom, a wife that any man could only dream for, she juggled doctor's appointments after doctor's appointments, our kids doctor's appointments, school functions, and still had enough in the tank to drive business as a successful medical sales professional. I have always said that she is an amazing multi-tasker, but I did not think this was humanly possible. 

There is way more to this inspiring story that we look 4ward to sharing, but to sum it up and give you the inspiration and motivation to start a project like this....we learned a lot this year, we struggled, we over-came, we stuck by each other's sides, we did not give up, and we kept Pushing 4ward together!!