Our Project


Project 4titude's Future

 Maggie and I, with the help of some family, close friends, and sponsorship by South Creek Construction, are going to use my training, fundraising, blogging with my oldest son, and finally competing in a few select events in 2018 as a platform to launch Project 4titude, Inc.

By the end of 2018 we hope to gather like-minded individuals that have expressed and demonstrated a passion for both endurance sports and helping others.  We will collectively and collaboratively decide with our 4titude team "Pacers" to whom or where the fundraising dollars will go, and will raise money by setting a dollar amount per mile in each event we participate in.

As we further grow our team and Project 4titude really starts taking form, our goal is to host an event of our own: 24hrs of 4titude/40 miles of 4titude!! (Planning on Spring/Summer of 2019)

In addition to our focused fundraising efforts, and building our team, we will sell Project 4titude merch!!! (apparently the new, cool name for merchandise) Our plan is to have hats, hoodies, socks, and kid's T-shirts (collaborated with my two boys). All the designs will be AWESOME and will embody what Project 4titude stands for...... COURAGE, RESILIENCE, and MENTAL STRENGTH

*All Merchandise sales will help fund future events, and driving the Project 4titude mission*

Our vision of Project 4titude is in it's early stages and is very "Grass-roots." We are looking 4ward to watching this project evolve and take shape as we grow, add more events, and add additional team members in order to help those in need of a little extra help.

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